A Still Moment

A Still Moment

Figuring out who you are – your morals, strengths, identity in the world – is difficult because self-assessments are hardly an objective endeavor. Knowing who you want to be – your destination, purpose, path to happiness – is nearly impossible because people change. Who you think you are today will likely change and who you want to be will likely change as you respond to surrounding conditions, internal developments, and the procedural wear and tear. Permanency is a rare commodity.

What is and what isn’t? You see the world through a filter of judgments and preconceptions, influenced by events preceding and those expected. You look at yourself through a likewise fluid lens – spectacles made from yesterday’s regrets and tomorrow’s optimism, a sliding scale moving in unison with the moon. Certainty is a luxury afforded by none.

A moment of calm amid the storm of thoughts is all you need. A still moment to realize that sometimes you get so busy figuring out life that you forget to live.


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