Chewing glass, a new hobby.

Life, in one sense, is a collection of events. In another, it is a compilation of the highs and lows of emotions. It, too, is a library of thoughts. Then, the Northern wind came and planted a seed. Why do humans desire to live? Nurtured by curiosity, this single seed grew and from it sprung offspring: is happiness the goal of life? A goal of life? How does one attain true, sustainable happiness? Or is it for the betterment of mankind that we persist on living? The first inquiry perturbed the once benign mass. The second came along and prodded at this mass. The third pushed it out of dormancy. Each thought metastasized into a mass greater than itself, sprouting vessels that fed the starving mind, spread and infected until the very core of its being was never to be the same again. From then, she knew there was more to life than a collection of events, a compilation of emotions, or a library of thoughts. From then, she willed to discover the more that life in all of its preciousness had to offer. From then, she decided she would eat glass.

“Being an entrepreneur is like eating glass and staring into the abyss of death…”

Elon Musk



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