Fear of Execution

It’s obvious why people are afraid of execution. Death is a scary thing. And if you execute your idea – an idea borne from sleepless nights and hopeful daydreams – and if you fail, lose all of your savings, end up in a bad part of town, slip on a banana peel and fall in a pool of acid, death could very well be the outcome.

There once was an article from somewhere citing a study from someplace that alcohol helps to induce creativity by inhibiting the inhibition factors associated with the sober mind. By the same token, alcohol could very well assist with this fear of execution.¬†Perhaps with more anti-inhibitory substances circulating the highways of life (I mean blood vessels, drunk diving is bad), one’s limbs may act in accordance with the mind’s desires.

Idea for consideration: to develop a product that captures the excitement of when an idea is first conceived and archives it; essentially, a product that bottles an emotion for later use.



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