Friends, Family, and Others


The people in your life are in your life for one or more of the following reasons:

  • You admire them as a person. Their words, values, and actions are those which you model your life after or are motivated by.¬†You derive joy from interactions with the person.
  • You are taking advantage of the person, and to continue your parasitic relationship, you must do all that is necessary for them to perceive this as Bullet #1. (It can also very well be a symbiotic relationship whereby you are mutually leeching off each other in peace and harmony.)
  • By no will of your own, the person is transplanted in your life, e.g., he is your colleague, brother’s friend, doorman, dry cleaner. You can exterminate said person from your life, but the act of moving to a new apartment or finding a new dry cleaner in your neighborhood is too great a hassle; you’ve thought about it, conducted a cost-benefit analysis, and arrived at the logical conclusion to let said person stay in your life.
  • You are related to the person, and regardless of the relevance of Bullets #1 or #2, you are obligated to prolong the relationship with said person. This is different from Bullet #3 because even if the CBA results in favor of removing said person from your life, you are still bounded by natural forces to remain in relationship with them.



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